If you have images that you'd like to rework for a current project, end-of-year business report, or for a photo book, we can help bring those pics into the current age with a fresh, modern edit.


Contact us for:

- deep etching

- retouching services

- editing of wedding photos

- scanning of old images




Our creative team have more than 26 years of combined experience working in the digital field - and are more than equipped to help you with your digital requests.


Prices on request.




"Deep etching is basically the digital version of cutting something out (like you used to do with an image from a magazine and then pasted it onto another image or plain background) – you cut it out digitally in Photoshop and place that image onto something else."

Digital Service | Additional Editing Requirements

  • Please email hello@robyndavie.com with full details of your editing requests.

    Prices on request.