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We're The Best At Corporate Headshots - Here's Why

The story of our team's journey into the realm of headshot photography is short, yet no less whimsical for its brevity.

The year is 2013. The setting: the glamorous, star-studded city of Los Angeles. Robyn - founder and leading lady of the kickass team you know today - picks up a camera professionally for the first time, shooting headshots for actors.

The next two years are filled with all of the steep learning curves and character-growing experiences that come with evolving from an amateur happy-snapper to fully-fledged photographic professional with the skills and experience to start a successful business.

While we've come a long way since those early days - Robyn is now the CEO to a full team of photographers, who all shoot for her, under her brand - headshots still remain the essential cornerstone of our business.

Each photographer on the RDP team has been hand-picked for their technical skill and creative eye, then carefully mentored and trained by Robyn herself - resulting in a group of dedicated, talented photographers who work every single day to contribute to the brand's high commitment to excellence.

If all this wasn't enough to convince you that we're the best in the biz when it comes to headshots, here are a few more points that might do the job:

1. We fully prepare you and your team for the big day

Headshots can be awfully intimidating, especially if you or your team haven't updated your company profile in. . .years. And we totally get it! Sometimes, standing in front of a camera has the magical ability to make us completely forget what to do with our bodies (and our faces. . . and our hands. . . ).

But worry not! Leading up to the day, we’ll send you examples of some of our great corporate work to give you ideas for posing and outfits. Any questions and concerns you might have are fielded by our wonderful office manager, so you can focus on more important day-to-day things before your session - like work!

2. Efficiency is our middle name!

We know how busy corporate work schedules are. Heck, no matter what business you're in, you probably have a packed calendar every day of the week (we definitely get it - you should have a look at ours!).

We can definitely relate to the scheduling struggle - it's something we keep mind when we book your headshot session, and have formulated our packages in such a way that they take up as little time as possible out of your work day. Our team is quick and efficient without sacrificing on our top-tier quality.

3. We cover it all!

Whether you're looking for individual headshots to update your LinkedIn profile, team shots for a website revamp, lifestyle imagery to promote your business on social media, or product photographs to launch yourself into the e-commerce sphere - we do it all!

If you need any sort of imagery for your business - no matter how left-of-field it may be - we've got you covered.

4. Our lifestyle headshots help you stand out from the crowd

Plain black and white backdrops have been a staple of the corporate headshot world for as long as we can remember - sometimes it's a necessity, but there are more and more instances where breaking out of the proverbial mould is a fantastic marketing decision.

Environmental or lifestyle headshots pack a lot more punch in our current marketing landscape, where visuals are key (we wrote another in-depth blog post about this here). The best, most engaging types of images that should ideally fill your website and social media pages are ones that show exactly who you are and what you do. It's hard for a potential customer to imagine the look and feel of your brand when you're just a floating set of head and shoulders.

Environmental headshots add an extra layer of professionalism to the online representation of your company, and show how you and your team work on a daily basis. On a more current note, with most people still working from home during our relaxed lockdown, a prospective customer getting to see your office space in action is a refreshing change from the monotonous dining-room-table-and-pyjamas combo we've become to used to seeing!

And after all this, if you still needed some visual evidence to show you why we're the best at what we do, the below images pretty much speak for themselves:

Are you in need of some new headshots? Interested in revamping your brand and personal image? Do you need a team that is funky, unique, and out of the box?

Then we're definitely the people for you!

Get in touch with us today to book your quick, no-fuss headshot session: hello@robyndavie.com


All photos in this post were taken by the Robyn Davie Creative Studio photographic team.

All photos and content are copyrighted to Robyn Davie Creative Studio.


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