• Robyn Davie

Trip to Thistle and Weed winery | Shot by Robyn and team

On our recent trip to Cape Town we went and visited Thistle and Weed, and spent the day with the team being exposed to their wine farm and the amazing products they produce!

"A group of friends created Thistle and Weed in 2015 as an opportunity to express their creativity, get their hands dirty and craft small batch wines from the distant nooks and crannies of the Cape.

Farmers often curse Thistles and Weeds; they’re spiny, prickly and a nuisance at the very least. But, it is their tenacity and uncompromising survival skills in which we can draw parallels with the grapevine – considered by many as the ultimate weed. The grapevine has a phenomenal ability to adapt to its surroundings and persist in hostile environments. By the same token it not only survives, but produces fruit that mirrors the trials and tribulations it has endured on a specific site and it is this terroir we want to share with you when you taste our wines".

Thank you to Steph and Etienne for sharing this afternoon, your lovely wines, and all your fantastic knowledge of wines with us!

We captured some amazing imagery from the day! Check them out:

Website: www.thistleandweed.co.za

Instagram: @thistleandweed.co.za

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