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Three ways to scan your old photos

Do you have a drawer filled with beautiful old photos that are collecting dust? A wonderful way to bring those into the 21st century is to make a gorgeous photo book.

Here are three ways you can get those old photos out of storage, and into printed books!

1. Use your phone camera or digital camera

You could always just take a photo using your phone’s camera app.

TIP: Be sure there are no shadows and no distortion. Make sure the image in in focus.

2. Using an app to digitise photos

One of the best app options out there is Google’s PhotoScan app. The free app takes multiple photos of each print to improve quality, remove glare, and to correct any distortion.

And better yet, the app can be completely integrated with all the great Google Photos features you already know and love.

3. Use a scanner you have at home

As a rule, it’s generally best to consider a flatbed scanner, as they are least likely to damage your delicate photos. TIPS: Be organised. Are you going to scan photos chronologically? In order of importance? Be selective. You don’t need to save every photo you’ve ever taken. Only scan the ones that are important to you.

Be careful. Wipe dust off of your photos and from your scanner using a non-abrasive cloth

Did you know we offer photo books? Email us at hello@robyndavie.com and we will make your memories come to life.

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