• Robyn Davie

Taking a Break

So I'm doing something kinda OUT THERE...

...and closing down ALL of my businesses.

In the middle of the year.

For a whole week.

Because, well, WE DESERVE IT.

I don't have to tell you that life has been INSANE (you know, I know). And that we all need rest, and recuperation, and a break more than ever before.

And that I'm not actually sure if I know what a weekend is anymore, because we've been working seven-days-a-week, fourteen-hours-a-day since the beginning of the year.

So I said to my team, "Team, fudge it, we're TAKING A BREAK."

And team said, "Goodness Robyn, but you're a GENIUS."

Ok, so they didn't say that, but they should have.

So right in the middle of June, we'll be shutting our virtual office, and our IRL studio, we'll be turning off our laptops, we'll not be answering our phones.

We'll nap, we'll rest, we'll read books. I might just stare at the wall for a long time.

And then we'll come back and KICK BUTT.

See you back here on 21 June, woop!