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Shoot Location Options

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We are PASSIONATE about making sure we have the right location for your shoot, and make sure that we're using a spot that is SAFE, ties in well to the look and feel of your shoot, and is going to be beautiful photographically as well!

Choosing a shoot location is all about three key factors:

  1. The light. We always look for locations with the most gorgeous light (and usually shoot around sunrise or sunset to enhance this magical light).

  2. Photographically pleasing/interesting. The best spaces to shoot in are big, open plan (or outside!), with lots of big windows and doors.

  3. The colour palette/decor etc. If your shoot is for your brand - for example head shots or personal branding - the look and feel of the space we shoot in is very important! If we're doing a family shoot for you, we'll consider the time of year, and if we can optimise on the cosmos flowers late in summer, or soft reds and oranges in late autumn.

We have a few fave shoot location options for your upcoming session.

1. Your home or place of business.

If this shoot is about YOU - we love love capturing moments of you and your family in your own family home - this is the place drowning in beautiful memories, and we want to capture all of those special places, with you in them! If we're doing head shots or personal branding, and your office or work space is an excellent showcase of what you do (for example, you're a chef - and your home kitchen is beautiful, or you'd love to shoot in your own restaurant - let's do that!)



2. Our own natural light studio.

In early 2021, our team launched a beautiful new studio space in the heart of Parktown North. The 120 square meter space features double volume ceilings, clean bright spaces, and lovely green outdoor areas. It's ideal for family, head shots, personal branding, products, and all the bits and bobs in between.

More info on our studio here.



3. Keyes Art Mile.

We often use the funky urban space around Keyes Art Mile for a variety of shoots. It has so many great tones and textures, which make for a fab variety of pics.

Please note that we include a fee for a security escort for this location, as the safety of our photographers and clients is of the upmost importance to us.

4. Delta Park.

This gorgeous park in Joburg has been one of our faves for YEARS! We love how it changes throughout the year, giving such variety to pics.

This is the only park that we shoot at in Johannesburg, as our team knows the absolute best spots to use throughout the year, allowing us to quickly and easily ensure you have great photos!

Please note that we include a fee for a security escort for this location, as the safety of our photographers and clients is of the upmost importance to us.

A few other options:

  • We have done gorgeous family sessions at the country clubs in Joburg (for those lucky clients who are members!) - please contact your country club directly to organise this.

  • We can also shoot in Parkhurst or at 44 Stanley. Please note there is a security escort fee for Parkhurst, and a venue hire fee for 44 Stanley.

  • If you have a family farm, or love a venue outside of Joburg (for example in Muldersdrift), we're happy to travel to your location. Please note we do charge for distances over 10km from Parktown North.

Ready? Let's do this thing! We handle all bookings on email:


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