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Content creation with Kissblush&tell | Shot by Robyn

We recently hung out and chatted to Tori, the owner of @kissblushandtell

a beauty blog with a bit of lifestyle in between by a qualified aesthetician.

"It all starts with healthy skin"

What do you love about beauty products?

"I'm mainly passionate about the products and beauty blogging dates back to what I studied and there is always new and exciting stuff.

What do you love about shooting with Robyn Davie Photography?

"So much! I love that its a creative mind to bounce ideas off of, that it's someone to inspire me and propose other ideas, especially with what I'm doing I always do it alone. Its like having a friend and a little side colleague all at once."

Website and online store: www.kissblushandtell.co.za

Gram: @kissblushandtell


biz hours Mon - Thurs 9-4pm


Biz Hours: Mon-Thur 9am-4pm | JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA

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